New Cooperations - Taiwan  


Foreign Trade Administration at the Israeli Ministry of Economy will assist companies as part of "Smart Money" program, in an effort to extend activity in international markets.


The companies that were accepted will receive ongoing marketing assistance from Israel’s trade attachés stationed in the target countries and from experts appointed especially by the "Smart Money" program for the duration of the program, in an effort to increase exports and fulfill the goals set in the companies’ marketing plans for the target countries.
The "Smart Money" program aims to reach significant growth in the scope of sales by participating companies in international markets, while focusing on developing marketing capabilities in one or two predefined target markets.



On the beginning of 2019 Chaban Medical has been excepted to the smart money program while aiming to Taiwan market, allowing Chaban to expend it's support in two of Chaban's local distributors, "Just Walk" rehabilitation device – Schmidt Scientific Taiwan and Oxytec-5S - HI-CLEARANCE INC.

Both products expected to start sales in Taiwan within the next few months as TFDA approval for both products has been received.





May we all have success in our new path…



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