The Team


The Chaban Group was founded in 1995 by a group of the best development people in Israel, veterans of Elbit, the Air Force and the Navy. The group's goal was to set new standards in the realms of the development and production of test equipment (ATE) and advanced medical systems for the military, industrial and civilian markets, while maintaining uncompromising quality control and service. The result was the establishment of a high-tech company with much know-how and experience for developing, manufacturing and marketing universal and customized automatic test equipment for military systems the civilian and medical electronics industries as well.


The Chaban Group, by means of its human assets and a deep comprehension of the market's needs, within a few years became a leader in Israel in the development, manufacture and marketing of test equipment to both the military and civilian markets, while providing a professional and rapid response to all the applications needed by the customer – from the stage of requirement definition, through the development of hardware, software and mechanics, continuing to documentation, literature, complete procurement, assembly, testing and delivery to the customer, and ending with training and further support during and after the period of warranty.


At present, recognizing the dynamism of the domestic and international markets, the Group operates a unique system of three professional divisions that support each other technologically and logistically and provide our customers with an exclusive turnkey response individually adapted to their professional and budgetary needs.


The three unique divisions are operated and administered together and, combined with a variety of solutions and high quality applications, the customer can benefit from service precisely suited to his requirements – from full guidance through all phases of development and production to selection of a single phase, according to his needs.


Large organizations in the Israeli and world markets benefit from the services of the Chaban Group. Companies such as RAFAEL,ELBIT/ELOP, TADIRAN Systems, MALAM IAI, MABAT IAI, ISRAEL\ ARMY, TADIRAN Spectralink and ACMI corp. USA discovered the latent advantage in continuous, accessible and harmonious assistance from a leading company with experience as a reliable and foremost subcontractor.


This is an appropriate occasion to invite you, also, to advance towards a new technological era, and to benefit from a winning combination of high quality technological progress individually tailored to your specific needs and from perfect service.


The Chaban Group's three unique divisions are at your service, enabling an integrated and accessible response to every technical requirement in the field of development and production of test equipment and electronic medical systems.



Chaban Electronics


founded in 1995. It is engaged mainly in manufacturing and assembling. The division’s objective is prototypes production and duplication of test equipment that was developed at Chaban or as “build to print” for our customers’ products.


Chaban Technologies & Electronics(98)


founded in 1998. The division is responsible for the group’s development assignments. Chaban Technologies combines engineering capabilities in the development of hardware, software and mechanics to develop varied

test equipment. All the division’s products are based on off-the-shelf items and on universal, standard and specialized products that were developed and manufactured at Chaban. The variety of available products enables the customer to choose the optimal solution for support at all developmental phases of his final product, prototypes, transfer to production, and accessible support at any of the end user’s sites.


Chaban Medical


founded in 2003. The medical division extends the support capability of the group and provides a response to the growing market demand for an independent and comprehensive subcontractor to manufacture electronic systems according to the most stringent medical standards, such as ISO13485/8, ISO-7 Clean Room manufacturing,Business License 1.3 et cetera. The advantage of Chaban Medical lies in its superior engineering capability, affording our customers a combination of proven production capability with support for requirements of upgrading, cost reduction and improving the products.