CMX DR Detector 



Chaban Medical recently began manufacturing an innovative X-ray detector. Production is carried out under highly strict clean conditions (Class 10,000 clean room) and includes complex optics integration capabilities as well as electronic wiring and assembly capabilities.


The technology is based on large arrays of CMOS cameras and sophisticated mathematical algorithms that produces superior X-ray imaging and enable new applications that were not possible before, at a fraction of cost of the existing technologies.


CMOS image detectors offer numerous advantages including the ability to record smaller image details at higher resolutions – allowing for the diagnostics of medical anomalies at earlier stages, and significantly increasing the probability of early intervention, patient
recovery and reduced treatment costs.




Digital X-ray Technology Workflow Benefits:


  • increased operational efficiency resulting in higher patient comfort.
  • the adoption of digital information workflow and archival infrastructure.
  • opportunity for digital communication and collaboration with peers at remote sites.
  • advanced digital image processing capabilities.
  • and lower X-Ray dose with real-time image availability.




  • Large Active Area for Image
  •  High Image Quality
  •  High Spatial Resolutions
  •  Wide Dynamic Range
  •  Excellent Sensitivity
  •  Excellent Reliability & Toughness Features
  •  Need no connection to the generator
  •  Calibration Free
  •  Can use any new windows PC & laptop
  •  Configurable Active Area
  •  “Fluoro” Model
  •  Large Active Area






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