CryoNeedle: Chaban will begin soon to manufacture the CryoNeedle. The CryoNeedle (both FDA and CE approved) is a hand-held cryosurgical instrument for destroying tissue of Hypertrophic Scars and Keloids (HSK) during surgical procedures by intralesional application of extremely cold cryoprobe.

"Just Walk" - A new therapy technology for rehabilitation following stroke and other neurological impairments. The device, FDA and CE approved, Intuitive Neuro-Motion Learning™, is designed by offering a viable cost-effective solution for post stroke “Home Users” patients, and patients suffering from other neurological disorders​

SenseGuard: Chaban Medical recently began manufacturing an innovative and smart Mobile Monitor named SenseGuard. The portable monitor perform continuous monitoring, helps with early detection and allow early intervention if necessary.​

Chaban Medical recently began manufacturing an innovative X-ray detector. Production is carried out under highly strict clean conditions (Class 10,000 clean room) and includes complex optics integration capabilities as well as electronic wiring and assembly capabilities.


Chaban Medical has recently completed Omrix's (subsidiary of ETHICON – J&J) Pressure Regulator redesign support including several product upgrades to ensure high product reliability. Additional for the R&D support Chaban had perform environmental tests, Reliability tests including Chaban's ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) – developed and manufactured in Chaban customized to the Pressure Regulator required performances, and functional tests in order to complete the approval procedure.

Chaban Medical recently started manufacture Leviticus Cardio's Ltd External Controller device part of a wireless COPLANAR ENERGY TRANSFER (CET) SYSTEM.


Robust, reliable, wireless system capable of providing the day-to-day power needs of today’s available implanted VAD’s, whilst eliminating the complications related to the driveline. The Company’s solution uses a unique proprietary technology - Coplanar Energy Transfer (CET) that can work with all available commercial VADs.



Chaban Medical recently developed and assimilated a Unique Device Identification (UDI) system according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) new regulation demand. The UDI system being implemented by the FDA utilizes linear barcodes. These barcode identifiers will be present on the UDI labels on medical devices, or directly on the devices if applicable.


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