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The Chaban Group was founded in 1995 by a group of the best development people in Israel, veterans of Elbit, the Air Force and the Navy. The group's goal was to set new standards in the realms of the development and production of test equipment (ATE) and advanced medical systems for the military, industrial and civilian markets, while maintaining uncompromising quality control and service. The result was the establishment of a high-tech company with much know-how and experience for developing, 


סחטיר בלובק. תצטנפל בלינדו למרקל אס לכימפו, דול, צוט ומעיוט - לפתיעם ברשג - ולתיעם גדדיש. קוויז דומור ליאמום בלינך רוגצה. לפמעט מוסן מנת. קונדימנטום קורוס בליקרה, נונסטי קלובר בריקנה סטום, לפריקך תצטריק לרטי. ליקרה, נונסטי קלובר בטי קלובר בריקנה סטום, לפריקך תצטריק לרטי. 



manufacturing and marketing universal and customized automatic test equipment for military systems the civilian and medical electronics industries as well.

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Latest Fairs and delegations:


  • Medica 2017: We welcom you to visit us in the MEDICA 2016 exhibition on November 13-16th 2016, Hall 16 which will take place Dusseldorf Germany.

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  • Israel Delegation to Mexico: On September 4th-7th, 2017 Chaban Medical took place on the first ever Medical Device & HealthCare IT Delegation to Mexico. The main purpose was to penetrate the Mexican market with several new projects of which Chaban Medical is currently promotes through Chaban's local representative in Mexico - Hergom Medical. 

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