Chaban Medical has recently completed Omrix's (subsidiary of ETHICON – J&J) Pressure Regulator redesign support including several product upgrades to ensure high product reliability.


Additional to the R&D support Chaban had performed environmental tests, Reliability tests including Chaban's ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) – developed and manufactured by Chaban customized to the Pressure Regulator required performances, and functional tests in order to complete the approval procedure.


The Pressure Regulator allows EVICEL Fibrin Sealant to be applied by spraying using an EVICEL Application Device. The Application Device should be used only with an Omrix Pressure Regulator to achieve the recommended pressure for spray application.


The Pressure Regulator has the following functions:


    - It regulates the pressure of CO2 obtained from either a wall outlet or a pressurized

      container to the recommended rang.

    - It allows CO2 to be supplied to the Application Device at the recommended pressure,

      allowing sealant to be sprayed when the foot pedal is depressed.


Device Components


    1. Inlet pressure tubing.

    2. CO2 connector to connection to a CO2 gas supply (either a wall outlet or a pressurized


    3. Pressure gauge.

    4. Sterile filter connector (male Luer lock connection) to the EVICEL Application Device.

    5. Pressure regulator (Knob)

    6. Foot pedal.

    7. Stand clamp.





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